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Valparaiso Garbage Disposal Repair

Prevent Problems with Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is an incredible convenience when it comes to getting rid of kitchen scraps. Items like orange peels, leftover cooked food, and liquids can be placed down the garbage disposal instead of thrown in the trash. Using a garbage disposal saves money and reduces the impact of landfills and waste on the environment. However, all of these benefits go out the window when your sink disposal doesn’t work properly.

A poorly functioning garbage disposal can:
  • Create more waste, which impacts the environment
  • Cause partially ground food scraps to clog the sink drain and pipes
  • Affect the operation of your dishwasher
  • Cause foul smells in the kitchen sink drain
  • Provide a breeding ground to bacteria that can harm your family’s health

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with a broken garbage disposal. With the help of our professional plumbers in Valparaiso, you can have your garbage disposal repaired or replaced quickly and easily.

Don’t let food waste cause bacteria and odors in your kitchen. Contact Regional Plumbing Heating & Air for a garabage disposal repair in Valparaiso at (219) 369-4461 today!

Daily Maintenance of Your Garbage Disposal

Taking proper care of your sink disposal on a consistent basis will help avoid breakdowns. Some simple tips can keep your garbage disposal humming safely.

What to keep in mind:
  • Know what you cannot put down the disposal
  • Never use your kitchen sink to dispose of grease, oil, non-food items, fruit pits and cores, or fibrous foods like celery
  • If you use your garbage disposal incorrectly, you can cause damage to both your sink and pipes

Additionally, be sure to do some basic cleaning from time to time. Using a little dish soap and water can clean the unit, and putting a little ice down the disposal from time to time keeps the blades sharp.

When To Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Finally, be sure you know when you replace your disposal. Garbage disposals will last eight to 15 years before the motor burns out. When that happens, it’s time to install a new unit.

If you need help with garbage disposal repairs in Valparaiso, the professionals at Regional Plumbing Heating & Air are here to help. With over 100 years’ combined experience, there’s almost nothing we haven’t seen. Put our expertise to work for you – call us at (219) 369-4461 today!

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