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Water System Installation in Valparaiso

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If you’re tired of drinking water that tastes bad or has an odor, a home water filtration system can make a big difference. A water treatment system can also protect your pipes and appliances by removing minerals and chemical compounds from your water.

Home water treatment can make a difference throughout your home, including:

  • Providing clean, great-tasting water from your kitchen faucet
  • Improving your experience in the shower as soap and shampoos thoroughly wash away
  • Helping your major appliances run cleaner and last longer
  • Causing your laundry to need less detergent and come out cleaner

A home water treatment system includes water softeners, water purification, and filters. The experienced Valparaiso plumbers at Regional Plumbing Heating & Air can repair your existing system or install a new system.

Water treatment doesn’t have to break the bank. We offer financing options to help the system have a smaller impact on your wallet, and we offer free estimates on new installations. With over 100 years of collective experience, you know you’re getting high-quality work that we’ll stand behind.

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Point-Of-Use & Whole House Systems

There are two different types of water treatment systems to consider. We can install a point-of-use system or whole home water treatment.

We install a point-of-use filter near the faucet or appliance where you want water treated. You can have an under-the-sink setup that goes to a separate faucet or one that uses the fixture that’s already there. Point-of-use systems include reverse osmosis filters, refrigerator filters, and other plumbing solutions.

You may also consider a whole-home solution. Rather than having great water at one faucet and poor-quality output at another, consider having a UV microbiological treatment system or filter for the whole house. Water softeners are another example of a whole home system.

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