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Valparaiso Water Heater Installation & Repair

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Water heaters aren’t meant to last forever. Do you know how to tell when your water heater is about to fail? As a water heater ages, sediment builds up on the inside. This sediment hardens and begins to cause the heater to make loud noises. You may also notice rusty water or water around the water heater. These are all signs the unit is on its way out. Water heaters need regular maintenance to continue to work their best. If you don’t have regular service, you may end up with an expensive repair or replacement.

Fortunately, the skilled Porter County water heater experts at Regional Plumbing Heating & Air know what maintenance and repairs are needed to keep your water heater running well for its full life. Our Valparaiso water heater repair and installation professionals have over 100 years’ combined experience, and we would love to use that skill to serve you. We handle both standard and tankless water heaters.

Don’t let an inefficient, dirty water heater cost you any more money. For a Valparaiso water heater repair or replacement appointment, contact us at (219) 369-4461 today!

What Repairs Might My Water Heater Need?

There are a variety of common tune-ups that a Valparaiso plumbing service can perform to keep your water heater in top shape. Regular maintenance extends the life of your water heater and saves you money over time.

Typical repairs that we perform on water heaters include:

  • Fixing a malfunctioning temperature dial
  • Replacement of pressure relief valve
  • Anode rod replacement
  • Water heater flushes
  • Replacement of heating elements
  • Installation of a new water heater

Many homeowners focus on repairing their water heater instead of getting a new one. However, a new water heater will eventually be needed. Units that are more than ten years old should be considered for replacement.

Keep in mind that the energy savings from a new, more efficient water heater will help offset the cost. Also, replacing the heater at a time that’s convenient for you is far better than being forced to replace it when it fails. It always seems to happen at the worst possible time.

For a free estimate on a Valparaiso water heater installation, or to set up a repair appointment, contact us today. We offer financing options with approved credit to help water heater issues have a smaller impact on your wallet. Contact us at (219) 369-4461 today!

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